Effective immediately, for prices and availability on renting the Keokuk County Expo Hall, please contact Heather Snedigar 641-777-5416

Block Building

48 x 110 - usable seating area (Available year around with heating/air conditioning)
Building includes restroom, kitchen with stove, refrigerator, sink, and coolers.
There are 48 8' tables, 24 round tables and roughly 450 chairs.
Alcohol is permitted.

Pole Building

54 x 116 - usable space with concrete floor (Available from May 1 - September 30)
Alcohol is permitted.

For prices and availability, contact: Heather Snedigar 641-777-5416

Extension Meeting Room - please contact Extension Office at 641-622-2680 for rental.
32 x 48 - with industrial carpet and heat/air conditioning.  Has a capacity of 80 people.
Building includes restrooms, place to warm up meals, serving area, and refrigerator.
Projector coming soon.

There are 20 tables that are 1.5'x8', 3 tables that are 3'x8' and 80 padded chairs.

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