Keokuk County Expo Fair
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2018 Expo Fair Schedule

2018 - Keokuk County Exposition, Inc. Fair

Sunday, June 10    
1:00 p.m. 4-H Clothing Event Judging Extension Office
Saturday, July 14    
5:00 p.m. Expo Kick-Off Grilling Contest Expo Grounds
Sunday, July 15    
1:00 p.m. Flag Raising Ceremony Expo Grounds
1:00 p.m. Clean-up and Set-up Expo Grounds
1:00 p.m.-4:00 p.m. 4-H/FFA Club Photo Stands Check In Commercial Building
Monday, July 16    
8:30 AM—11:30 AM Indoor Exhibit Judging Expo Hall
11:30 AM—2 PM State Fair Judging Expo Hall
8:30 AM—11:30 AM Clover Kid Judging Extension Office
9 AM—4 PM 4-H Club Photo Booth Set Up Expo Grounds
Tuesday, July 17    
8 AM Exhibit Hall Opens to Public Exhibit Building
9 AM 4-H/FFA Horse Show Horse Arena
11 AM 4-H/FFA Pet Show
Clover Kids Pet Show to follow
Commercial Bldg.
1 PM Single Source Swine Interviews Extension Office
1:30 PM Communications Program
Ed. Presentations & Share the Fun
Extension Office &
Commercial Bldg.
4:30 PM Clover Kids’ Master Gardner Fest Comm. Building
5:30 PM Clover Kids’ Graduation Commercial Bldg.
5 PM 4-H Flower Planter Entries Due Commercial Bldg.
5 PM FFA Ag Mechanics
(Entries must be in by Wednesday at 5:00 PM)
Exhibit Hall
6 PM 4-H Club Photo Board Judging  
6—8 PM Cattle & Sheep can arrive Livestock Barn
Wednesday, July 18    
7:00 AM Milk & Donuts
(Sponsored by Keokuk Co. Farm Bureau)
Livestock Barn
7-9 AM Market Beef Weigh-In
& Carcass Scanning
Livestock Barn
9 AM Breeding Beef Check-in Livestock Barn
9:30-10 AM Sheep/Meat Goat Weigh-In
& Carcass Scanning
Livestock Barn
10-11:30 AM Swine Weigh-in
& Carcass Scanning
Livestock Barn
11 AM -noon All other animals Check-in
(Animals must be in by NOON)
Livestock Barn
1:00 PM 4-H Dog Obedience/Agility Show
Clover Kids Dog Show to follow
Livestock Arena
5:00 PM 4-H/FFA Ag Mechanics Judging Exhibit Hall
5:30 PM 4-H/FFA BBQ
(Sponsored by Farmer’s Co-Op
& Vision Ag, Keota)
6:30 PM Barnyard Olympics
(Sponsored by Fair Board)
7:30 PM Bags Tournament Track
7:30 PM-10:00 PM 4-H/FFA Dance
(Sponsored by County 4-H Youth Council)
Commercial Bldg.
Thursday, July 18    
7:00 AM Milk & Donuts
(Sponsored by Cassens’ Mill Corp)
Livestock Arena
7:30 AM 4-H/FFA Rabbit Show
Poultry Show to Follow
Livestock Arena
10:00 AM 4-H/FFA Meat Goat Show Livestock Arena
10:30 AM 4-H/FFA Sheep Show Livestock Arena
11:00 AM-1:00 PM 4-H/FFA Meal Tent between
(Sponsored by Key Cooperative)
4-H Hall and Barn
3 PM Dairy Goat/Cattle Show Livestock Arena
3:30—5:30 PM Bingo Extension Office
5:45 PM Keokuk Co. Ext. & 4-H 100 B-day Celebration Commercial Bldg.
6:00 PM Bill Riley Talent Show
During talent show judging:
4-H Clothing Style Show
4-H/FFA Senior Recognition
Outstanding 4-H Exhibit Awards
Recognition of 4-H Iowa State Fair Exhibits

4-H Flower Planter Auction during Queen Contest Judging
Commercial Bldg.
Friday, July 20    
7:00 AM Juice and Donuts
(Sponsored by Morse Feed & Grain)
Livestock Arena
8:00 AM 4-H/FFA Swine Show Livestock Arena
11:00 AM-1:00 PM 4-H/FFA Meal Tent between
(Sponsored by Channel Seed)
4-H Hall and Barn
12:00 PM Bucket Bottle Interviews Extension Office
2:00 PM-4:00 PM Bingo Extension Office
4:00 PM 4-H Bucket Bottle Show
Pee-Wee Bucket Bottle Show to Follow
Livestock Arena
6PM Mutton Bustin’ Track
8:00 PM Concert Track
Saturday, July 21    
7:00 AM Pancake and Sausage Breakfast
(Sponsored by Agraland FS— Hedrick, IA)
Livestock Barn
8:00 AM 4-H/FFA Cattle Show Livestock Arena
10:00 AM GAMES
(Presented by Sigourney Library)
Commercial Bldg.
12:00 PM Keokuk Co. Cattleman Serving Sandwiches South of
Livestock Barn
1—3 PM Bingo Extension Office
3:30 PM Youth Scavenger Hunt
& Chocolate Pie Eating Contest
Commercial Bldg.
6:30 PM Figure 8 Races Track
8:00 PM 4-H Silent Auction Bidding Ends Track
8:30 PM 4-H Silent Auction Winners Announced Track
Sunday, July 22    
6:30 AM 4-H/FFA Swine Released Livestock Barn
7:30-10:30 ALL 4-H Livestock and Exhibits Released Barn & Exhibit Hall
9 AM All exhibits & livestock released Barn & Exhibit Hall

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