Keokuk County Expo Fair
Expo Board

Keokuk County Exposition, Inc. was incorporated in 1976 as a nonprofit organization to build facilities and provide a fair and events dedicated to 4-H, FFA, FCCLA and other youth or farm orientated groups.  It was built by volunteers with materials and funds contributed by dedicated citizens and organizations.  All residents of Keokuk County are voting members in the election of 30 directors representing designated sections of the county and youth groups mentioned below.  The Expo operation continues with all volunteer help, and is the official county fair.

President – Rick Landgrabe
Vice President – John Webb
Treasurer – Karen Morris
Secretary - Dana Abell


District 1
Autumn Barnhart
Rick Bethke
Austin Bruns
Ron Collins
District 2
Gary Bayliss
Todd Clarahan
Carolyn Dyson
Rob Frank
Cindy Snakenberg
District 3
Scott Alderson
Carolyn Holm-Eslick
Rick Landgrebe
Karen Morris
District 4
Michael Noel
Leann Voyles
District At Large
Dana Abell
Joan Colbert
Alisca deRegnier
Bryce Snakenberg
John Webb
Neil Wehr
Sigourney District
Betty Fair
Shannon Stevens
Julie Wilson

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